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A matter of principle: Why you need to vote this year.

S'il vous plaît poster ici vos besoins et des suggestions ou des commentaires à la Janvier 2014 LGB Assemblée Générale.......Please post here your requirements and any suggestions or comments for the January 2014 LGB Assemblee Generale

A matter of principle: Why you need to vote this year.

Postby davidmiln » Mon Dec 23, 2013 8:56 pm

This year's AG is no less important than the last AG when we voted out the old Syndic. There is a principle at stake this year. We the individual coproprietaires need to ensure that in future no organisation can repeat what Sogire, Maeva and P&V together did; that is take over, without compensation, all the usable common parts space and use it for their own purposes.
It is worth noting that P&V achieved this sleight of hand because there was no active Conseil Syndical (Management Committee) supervising them until Bruno Convard built and led the current CS to a successful Syndic change earlier this year.
The square meterage is being measured but there are 4 reserve areas and the whole of the first and the ground floor of A. S3v is not the target but the unfortunate way in which they initially ignored the danger of repeating the P&V mistake has made them the test case that we must fight - by the way they agree with the the principle - they too are coproprietairs after all.
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